Understanding your thought patterns is the best place to start, managing your thoughts by knowing that if your thoughts are not from your highest (most positive point) remove those thoughts, anything negative-remove! Say ‘get outa my mind; you can’t afford the rent in my head!’ You might start with five negative thoughts, but once you are conscious of this, catch it, send it back to where it came from and replace it with a positive thought.

It may just be something like, I can’t get through this, or I am not good enough, (ANY SELF DOUBT YOU MAY HAVE) once you have these thoughts catch them and turn around and say; I will find a way to overcome this, believe you are good enough, remove self doubt and imagine yourself as a shining light, who is good enough AND worthy of greatness.


Once you start catching and redirecting these negative thoughts your mind naturally attracts positivity.

I learned this by accident, it was when I was in my late teens confused by relationships and my family, feeling unsettled, waking up with anxiety, I remember a really hard time when I would wake up and vomit bile, it was when I discovered an amazing pure essential oil blend I would inhale straight from the bottle, say a mantra in my mind which was BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE. I also started being specific on things I wanted in this life, asking for guidance, I didn’t ask for power or glamour, I just asked for knowledge, give me wisdom, the ability to make better decisions and learn from these mistakes…after doing this I realised a pattern, it had been the beginning of clearing my worries, I then started to attract a better life, I no longer felt this anxiety… I became more calm and collected, I had direction, this helped me gain confidence and move away from suffering.

Essential oils are not just scents they are the spirit of the plant, natures gift to mankind, and through them many wonderful experiences are realised.


Aromatherapy is a way to improve the quality of life on a physical, emotional & spiritual level.

Our sense of smell is the only sense directly tied to the limbic area of the brain which is considered the emotional control centre, this means that when essential oils are inhaled they go directly to the brain.

Each of these essential oils has therapeutic, stimulating, calming, sedative balancing properties.

When we inhale an essential oil molecule, it travels through the nasal passage to a receptor neuron that transports it up to the limbic centre of your brain, especially the hypothalamus.

So the limbic centre of your brain is responsible for controlling all the physical, psychological & emotional responses that your body performs based on stimulus coming from the outside. Thus, the ability of essential oils to target your limbic centre, make them a powerful tool in treating state of mind health.

When essential oils are inhaled through the nose, tiny nerves send an immediate signal to the brain and go straight to work on the systems that moderate our minds and bodies.

A natural compound sesquiterpenes found in essential oils of vetiver, patchouli, cedar wood & frankensence can increase oxygen in the brain by up to 28 percent.


Such an increase in brain oxygen may lead to a heightened level of activity in the hypothalamus and limbic systems of the brain, which can have dramatic effects on not only emotions but on learning, attitude & many physical processes of the body such as immune function, hormone balance & energy.

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